Lymphoma Lights

Join our race day cheer squad and show your support for Team Lymphoma!

Lymphoma Lights Squad

Are you going along to a sporting event to support a friend or family member taking part? Or do you just have lots of cheer and enthusiasm for Lymphoma Action?

If so, join our Lymphoma Lights squad to show your support for Team Lymphoma and help us raise awareness of the UK's 5th most common cancer. 

You would need to:

  • be available on the day of the event and make your own way there and back.
  • have a loud cheering voice and strong arms to wave small flags and banners.

We will give you:

  • a lightweight and waterproof banner (100cm x 50cm).
  • branded balloons.
  • hand held flags.

Want to shine the spotlight on lymphoma and celebrate a loved one this Christmas?
Sponsor a lantern. 

Volunteer by filling in the form below: