Fundraise with family, friends and colleagues

There are lots of different ways you can fundraise to help make sure that no one has to face lymphoma alone.

We’re here to support you and make sure your fundraising goes exactly how you planned.

Get involved today, have fun - and help make a difference to the 125,000 people living with lymphoma in the UK. 

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Fundraise from home

There are so many exciting ways to support people affected by lymphoma from the safety of our homes!

Santander cake sale

Fundraise at work

Get a group of your colleagues together for a bake sale or why not enter a team into a walking or cycling challenge?

5 ingredient challenge

5 ingredient challenge

Our 5 ingredient challenge is a fun way to support people affected by lymphoma, and stay connected with our loved ones through the power of food glorious food. 

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Fundraising resources to help you

Check out our online fundraising resources for all the information you need to get started with your fundraising activity and make it a success. 

From ideas and how to promote what you're doing, to making it safe & legal and paying in your money - we've got it covered! 

Explore our fundraising resources

Order a fundraising pack

Your fundraising pack will give you all the information you need to hold a fantastic event.

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Request a representative

Get in touch in you'd like a Lymphoma Action representative to attend your event or collect a cheque.

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Fundraising groups

Fundraising groups plan activities together to raise money and awareness in their local area.  

If you'd like to work in a team to organise a number of activities a year we can support you to set up a group - or there may be an existing group nearby that you could get involved in. 

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