Supporting you - a free online webinar for families, friends and carers

Lymphoma is a condition that affects not only the individual with the diagnosis but also those around them, particularly their family, friends and carers. If you are living with or supporting someone with lymphoma, this webinar is for you.

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A free online webinar for family, friends and carers

Living with lymphoma can be demanding: physically, practically and emotionally – not only for the person who’s been diagnosed, but for family members and friends too. 

Although you might not recognise yourself as a ‘carer’, it’s the term often used to mean anyone who is supporting someone with lymphoma, whether you’re a partner, friend or sibling of the person.

Caring for someone with lymphoma can bring a range of significant challenges. We also often hear that some relationships change in positive ways, for example, developing a greater sense of emotional closeness. 

The webinar aims to:
•    recognise some of the challenges and opportunities that supporting a loved one with lymphoma can bring;
•    recognise the physical, practical and emotional impact of supporting a loved one on you;
•    share experiences of some of these issues; and
•    learn about some self-care strategies that you might find helpful.

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Guest panel

We will be joined by

  • Charlotte Bloodworth -  Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) for Lymphoma, University Hospital of Wales
  • Angela Waind - Consultant Counselling Psychologist, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust
  • Brian and Lyndsey - individuals both supporting a loved one with lymphoma

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