Don't ignore symptoms that could be serious

The UK NHS is under extreme pressure, but it is important you don't ignore symptoms.


The UK now faces an unprecedented situation due to the high level of COVID-19 circulating and the new, more transmissible variant, resulting in extra pressure on healthcare services. At the same time, the NHS are rolling out the COVID-19 vaccination programme, which is incredibly positive, and we commend the efforts of all those involved in its delivery.

We know that people are concerned about overloading the NHS. However, it is important you don’t ignore symptoms that could be serious.

If you have symptoms of lymphoma, please contact your GP surgery. Depending on where you live, they might offer you a telephone appointment as a first step, to help decide if you need to be seen in person.

If it is difficult to get through, you can check your GP surgery’s website. Lots of GP surgeries have online services where you can get advice and support from your GP surgery team. Your local pharmacist may also be able to help, for example if you are struggling with side effects. 

If you need urgent medical help, use the regular NHS 111 online service and if you are under the care of a lymphoma treating team and have concerns about symptoms, contact your key worker. Your pharmacist may also be able to help. 

14 January 2021