COVID-19 vaccines - your questions answered

In our webinar, a panel of experts discussed antibodies, current studies and trials, booster vaccines and other questions around COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 vaccines

In response to a growing number of questions, we were delighted to host a webinar specifically on COVID-19 vaccines. Our panellists discussed antibodies, current studies and trials, booster vaccines and getting on with life in a world where COVID-19 is still a major issue. 

Hosted by Professor John Radford, the panellists were Dr Graham Collins, Dr Shirley D’Sa and Dr Wendy Osborne, all members of the Lymphoma Action Medical Advisory Panel. 

Watch our webinar to hear our panellists discuss the topics you raised, which include:

  • What are the benefits of the vaccination and are there were any instances when it is not recommended to have the vaccine?
  • What is the best time, within a particular treatment schedule, to have the vaccine and can the vaccine make a person’s lymphoma worse?
  • How do the vaccines work and one of the most commonly asked questions, ‘Have I got antibodies or not, and what does this mean?’ 
  • When will the booster vaccine be available, and will I receive the same vaccine or another one?

There was a lot of discussion around studies being carried out, including the PROSECO and the OCTAVE-DUO trial. The panel thanked people with blood cancer who had been involved in clinical trials, which was helping to improve the understanding of how to manage both vaccination and the disease. As the panel commented, ‘There are nuggets of information with each new trial, but putting it all together will take some time.’

With COVID-19 still present, we asked the panel how people with lymphoma should behave. A response, taken from a US study, suggested people should ‘Get vaccinated, but behave as if you haven’t been.’ The panel looked at various scenarios and agreed there was no ‘one size fits all’ and that people have varying levels of risk. 

Watch the webinar, held on 11 August or read the full transcript.

Posted: 17 August 2021