COVID-19 and lymphoma

Information about COVID-19 for people with lymphoma including latest guidance on shielding now that shielding is paused.



We have created a section on our website specifically to provide information on coronavirus for people affected by lymphoma. It has been produced in line with government and NHS guidance and is updated as the guidance evolves. In this section you will find:

About coronavirus 
General information about COVID-19 and the measures in place to delay it.

Guidance on shielding for people who have lymphoma 
Specific information for people who have lymphoma. Those with lymphoma have been identified as one of the extremely vulnerable groups. 

Changes to your lymphoma treatment due to COVID-19  
There might be some changes to how you have your lymphoma treatment.

If you become unwell 
What to do if you think you, or someone you live with, has COVID-19

If you live with or care for someone who has lymphoma 
How you can help support someone with lymphoma who is shielding

Lymphoma and COVID-19 videos
UK lymphoma specialists answer your questions

FAQs about COVID-19 and cancer 
Cancer charities combine to answer your frequently asked questions.  

Practical support 
Guidance on how to get medication, shopping and other everyday practicalities.

Emotional support 
Guidance on how to maintain wellbeing and where to find emotional support.

Changes to our services 
Updates on our services and events during the coronavirus pandemic. 

You may also like to refer to the Government and NHS websites. 

Keep in touch

Information around coronavirus will be regularly updated on our website. If you would like to receive regular communications from Lymphoma Action, such as our magazine, you can sign up here.