Young People's Appeal

Young People's Appeal

Every day another young person is diagnosed with lymphoma -  that's more than 500 every year. Lymphoma is the most common cancer among 15-24 year olds in the UK.

"When I was diagnosed I felt as if my world had fallen apart" Helen, aged 21

"I wish I'd known about the symptoms of lymphoma much earlier" Callum, aged 22

By donating and raising awareness, you can make a real difference.

Help us be there for more young people with lymphoma

Your donation will support our services which include age appropriate information, a telephone helpline and LiveChat service, online forum, support groups, workshops and our buddy scheme which puts people in contact with others going through a similar experience.


Read about young people affected by lymphoma and help spread the word about the symptoms

Helen diagnosed with lymphoma, aged 21

Helen's story

Helen shares her experience of being diagnosed and explains how Lymphoma Action was able to support her through her darkest moments. Read Helen's story and watch her short films.


Lymphoma symptoms psotcard stick figures

Symptoms awareness

Download a poster to help spread the word about the symptoms of lymphoma so that everyone gets the support and treatment they need quickly. 

Callum, during treatment for lymphoma, aged 22

Callum's story

Callum was a student enjoying life until his flu-like symptoms didn't go away. Read Callum's story and find out why it's so important that young people are aware of the symptoms of lymphoma.

Information and support

Sway pictured in London

Lymphoma and young people

Lymphoma is the most common cancer among 15-24 years olds in the UK. Find out more about lymphoma in teenagers and young people and how we can help and support you if you are affected. 

Live your Life

Free workshops

We run Live your Live workshops designed for people aged 18-30 affected by lymphoma. They offer a chance to meet others in a similar situation and discuss coping with emotions, education and work after treatment and healthy living.

Young Persons Guide

Young person's guide to lymphoma

Download our free award-winning Young person's guide to lymphoma. It includes information on lymphoma treatments and possible side effects, plus sections on coping with feelings and looking after yourself.