5 ingredient challenge

We nominate YOU to take on the 5 ingredient challenge!

5 ingredient challenge

We're all enjoying exploring the depths of our store cupboards at the moment, perfecting old recipes, learning new ones, and making everything from banana bread to burritos! So we have created the 5 ingredient challenge as a fun way to support people affected by lymphoma, and stay connected with our loved ones through the power of food glorious food. 

Taking part is a piece of cake! There are just five simple steps...

Step 1

Make something using just 5 ingredients. It could be ANYTHING! A cake, a casserole, you might even be able to dream up a three course meal! The only rule is that it must only contain 5 ingredients.

Step 2

Text "COOK" to 70970 to donate £5
*Fundraising, payments and donations will be processed and administered by the National Funding Scheme (Charity number 1149800) operating as DONATE. Texts will be charged at your normal standard network rate. For terms and conditions please see www.easydonate.org


Step 3

Take a photo of yourself with your 5 ingredient creation.

Step 4

Upload your photo to your social media channels and add a caption to let people know what you made and which 5 ingredients you used. Use the hashtag #5IngredientChallenge. 

Step 5

Nominate 5 friends to take up the challenge! Tag them in your social media photos so they know it's their turn to get cooking. And don't forget to tag us too! We're @LymphomaAction on Facebook, @Lymphoma_Action on Instagram and @LymphomaAction on Twitter. (Please note: to tag on Facebook, type @ and then type the name of the friend or organisation you are tagging. You must type @LymphomaAction rather than copying and pasting, otherwise it will not work as a tag and we won't be able to see your delicious cooking!)

Whether you're recreating your mum's cooking, restaurant fine dining, or your favourite fast food fix, our 5 ingredient challenge is a great way to have fun in the kitchen and nominate your friends to do the same!