5 benefits of self-management and remote monitoring

This Self Care Week we want to talk about how self-management and remote monitoring can improve your quality of life.

Self Care Week 2019

Self Care Week 2019 runs from Monday 18 to Sunday 24 November. The week focuses on helping people to take better care of their physical and mental health. 

From a lymphoma diagnosis onwards, self-management involves looking after your own health, including managing your diet, exercise and emotional wellbeing

Once you have finished treatment, some hospitals offer remote monitoring rather than traditional follow-up. Evidence shows that you are the best indicator of whether something is changing in your health. Remote monitoring allows you to book your own follow-up appointment as-and-when you feel you need one.

Benefits from this approach to care include:

  1. You don’t have to attend unnecessary appointments – book them yourself as-and-when you need to, based on guidance from your medical team.
  2. You are actively involved in your recovery from lymphoma, and can take the lead on your own follow-up, feeling more in control of your health.
  3. You are less likely to need urgent appointments or emergency hospital admissions for lymphoma because you are better able to monitor and manage your own health needs.
  4. You are supported to develop the skills and confidence to achieve what matters to you.
  5. Any concerns you have can be dealt with quickly because you don’t have to wait for a pre-booked appointment.

If you are interested in self-management and remote monitoring, ask your doctor if they offer this and if it would be suitable for you.

We have more information about self-management and remote monitoring, and about leading a healthy lifestyle with and beyond lymphoma.

21 November 2019