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Ideas to raise £27 in 27 days

There are so many different ways you can get involved in 27 in 27 - you can raise your £27 any way you like! 

These ideas are just to inspire you, the choice is yours...

Collage of fundraising for 27 in 27

Why not get sponsored to do something? 

  • Cycle 27 miles during a month (approx 4 x 7 mile rides)
  • Walk to school or work 27 times
  • Swim 27 lengths or widths in your local pool
  • Run a mile a day for 27 days
  • Go to 27 Zumba classes
  • Have 27 sugar/chocolate/wine/beer/meat/caffeine free days
  • Wear a ball gown or fancy dress to work for the day

Have a go at one of these 27 ideas to raise £27:

  1. Look in pockets and old bags to collect lost, loose change
  2. Do the washing up for 27 days in return for a donation
  3. Sell an item of clothing you no longer wear on an auction or sale site like eBay
  4. Challenge a friend to a game of your choice – the loser makes a donation
  5. Wash someone’s car – or 27 cars! – for a donation
  6. Forgo your morning coffee – donating the money you would have spent
  7. Set up a swear jar for 27 days. Alternatively ban a set of over-used words, with each utterance being fined £1
  8. Eat a simple dinner for 27 days and donate the money saved
  9. Bake cakes or biscuits and ‘sell’ them in return for a donation
  10. Offer to walk a friend’s dog for a donation
  11. Make up a set of promise IOUs and 'sell' them to friends and family who can redeem them in the future
  12. Organise a tea party at home or work and ask for donations
  13. Hold a book swap – get all your friends to bring a book they have read and pay £1 to swap with someone else
  14. Ask 27 friends and family to donate £1 each
  15. Take a packed lunch to work for 27 days and donate the money saved
  16. Host a quiz night for 27 friends with a £1 entry charge
  17. Offer someone help in the garden for a donation – lawn mowing, pruning or weeding
  18. Throw a dinner party for 27 guests and ask each to donate at least a £1
  19. Walk instead of getting the bus and donate the fare
  20. Have a clear out or ask people to donate items and run a bric-a-brac/garage sale
  21. Take cuttings from your garden and 'sell' them to friends
  22. Offer a masterclass in one of your skills (sewing, gardening, cooking, music) in return for a donation
  23. Go American and set-up a homemade lemonade stall selling glasses for £1 each
  24. Finally get round to comparing energy suppliers and donate the savings made
  25. Host a cocktail party and make 27 different cocktails
  26. Simply put £1 a day in jar and watch the pennies mount up!

Once you've decided...

Set up a page on JustGiving to collect money easily and safely. 

Remember please do not send cash through the post - you can pay in money safely to us online, on the phone or by cheque.

Whatever you do - please share on social media using the hashtag #27in27!