20 for 20

The idea is simple - in 20 days, commit to taking part in 20 challenges. We are encouraging everyone to take part in this challenge which runs until 31 December.

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Get the whole family by taking part in 20 for 20!

20 for 20 is a collaborative campaign raising funds and awareness for 20 cancer charities and highlighting the effects of COVID-19 on people affected by cancer. Just commit to taking part in 20 challenges over 20 days and raise money for Lymphoma Action. We think this is a brilliant excuse to get creative, and could be heaps of fun for little ones and grown-ups too. You could make this a fitness challenge by running or cycling 20 miles in 20 days, or you could make each day a different challenge. Download our fundraising pack to get a list of challenges for adults and children.

Ask your friends and family to sponsor you to take part - we recommend setting up a JustGiving page to collect online donations easily and safely, and it will help you keep track of the money all your hard work is raising. Don't forget to let everyone know how the money raised will help - did you know that £20 could help pay for an hour of dedicated helpline support, enabling our experienced team to be there for patients, carers and anyone affected by lymphoma? We have a handy list of facts just like that here 

.We have come up with 20 suggestions which you can use if you like, but feel free to have fun with this and do whatever excites you most! 


Our ideas

1. Get outside and hunt for 20 different kinds of animal - cats, cows, caterpillars, crows etc!
2. Organise a virtual quiz - write 20 questions and invite family and friends to play via Zoom.
3. Offer to walk a friend's dog for 20 minutes.
4. Ban a word in your household and put 20p in a jar every time you say it.
5. Make and decorate 20 biscuits to look like members of your family.
6. Do a treasure hunt in the garden for 20 different colours of the rainbow. 
7. Learn 20 new words - maybe they could be in a different language?
8. Make 20 IOUs (i.e. I owe you a week of washing up) and exchange them for donations. 
9. Commit to 20 hours of only eating vegan/plant-based food. 
10. Pick your 20 favourite toys and have a Teddy Bear's picnic (all animals are welcome!)
11. Have a sort through the house and give away 20 items that you never use.
12. Tell your family the 20 things you love most about them.
13. Walk in the woods and shut your eyes - can you hear 20 different noises?  
14. Do 20 minutes of yoga or meditation.
15. Go cloud watching and see if you can see 20 different animal shapes.
16. Call up an old friend for a 20 minute chat - we bet it will end up being longer! 
17. Make a bug hotel with room for 20 different mini beasts.
18. Challenge a friend to a game - the winner must put in 20p, or maybe even £20!
19. Go on a walk or look in the garden and see if you can find 20 different kinds of plant.
20. See if you can make 20 words from the letters spelling out 'Team Lymphoma'. 

We can't wait to see what you get up to! Whatever you choose to do - please share on social media using the hashtag #20for20

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing fundraising@lymphoma-action.org.uk 



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